Omni mount washington hotel

As we confirm sessions, we will add descriptions here. A final schedule with the room locations and timing will be posted closer to the event date. All sessions will be held on Monday, June 11. 

Search and Social Strategies for Maximum ROI

Presented by Mike Lannen and Craig Chevrier of Eternity

This session will explore strategies for search and social marketing initiatives for your website once you've gotten search optimization basics down. We'll cover tactics for driving traffic organically and through paid advertising, social promotions, blogging, and social media publishing – and why all these things are critical for your overall marketing strategy and ROI. You’ll leave this session with clear action items to build your audience, engage your guests/customers to increase your marketing ROI.

Beyond the Press Release: Tried-and-True Tactics for Media Outreach and Engagement

Presented by Nancy Clark of Drive Brand Studio

Getting consistent, positive media coverage takes more than sending a press release or two. This session aims to provide tips for effective public relations efforts, including pitching stories, working the room at media receptions, and engaging with media in the ever-changing digital landscape for seasoned PR professionals and newcomers alike.

Lift Maintenance Facilities Tour

Led by Doug Tofflemoyer of Bretton Woods and Briggs Lockwood of the NH Tramway Board

Bretton Woods base area is home to many different types of chairlifts. This tour will allow lift maintenance employees from New Hampshire’s ski areas to familiarize themselves with the facilities at Bretton Woods and to discuss day-to-day operations and maintenance questions with their peers. We welcome conference exhibitors to join in on the discussions as well.

Snow Surfaces Facilities Tour

Led by Alexa Bernotavicz and Keith Huntoon of Bretton Woods, and Ken Mack of Loon Mountain Resort

Snow surfaces employees from grooming, terrain parks, snowmaking, and more are invited to tour the maintenance shop and the pump house at Bretton Woods. We welcome conference exhibitors to join in on the discussions as well.

Producing the Best Snow through Interdepartmental Communications

Led by Tim Smith of Waterville Valley Resort

Communication between departments plays a key role in smooth operations day-to-day, particularly for maintaining snow surfaces. This round-table will allow ski areas and suppliers to share best practices for communicating necessary plans, and the challenges that we face on a daily basis.

Best Practices for Summer Lift, Snowmaking, and Grooming Maintenance

Led by Doug Tofflemoyer of Bretton Woods, Ian Jarrett of HKD Snowmakers, Jim Bear of PistenBully, and Mark Palmeteer of Prinoth

Whether it’s a large overhaul during the summer months, or daily inspection during the operating season, there are many dos and don’ts for maintaining ski area infrastructure. This discussion takes participants to the lifts and into the maintenance shop to get their hands dirty, and talk about the best tips are for maintenance at ski areas around New Hampshire.

ANSI B77 & Other Lift Updates

Led by Briggs Lockwood of NH Tramway Board

This session aims to inform on any updates to safety specifications to the different types of chairlifts, gondolas, and rope tows used at ski areas. Questions and discussion are encouraged. 

Maintaining a Respectful Workplace: A Responsibility Shared by All

Presented by Mary Kimmel, LCMHC at MKS Performance Solutions

Every employee deserves to work in a positive and civil environment where they feel comfortable and respected. So, how do we solve the problem of differences in perceptions, values, and comfort levels with various behaviors?  Behaviors intended to intimidate, humiliate, or undermine success can be especially harmful to a work team’s cohesiveness and productivity. In this seminar, we will identify harmful behaviors and their impact, and discuss strategies for responding and dealing with conflict. This will include verbal, written, and technology-based communications. We’ll also define the meaning of professional behavior and why it matters in the workplace. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of everyone to help create a positive, supportive, and professional work environment.

The Business Benefits of Sustainability and Clean Energy for New Hampshire's Ski Industry

Presented by CERES, New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility, and other panelists

Ski resort owners across the nation are increasingly making the business decision to invest in sustainability—from investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency to water conservation. Sustainability efforts are helping businesses cut energy and water costs, reduce their exposure to volatile natural gas prices, and brand themselves as forward-looking companies for socially-conscious and younger customers. Panelists from the ski industry and the NH business community will share their firsthand experience with how sustainability benefits their bottom line. The panelists will engage in a lively discussion of how they've gathered buy-in across other businesses and lawmakers to share their stories. 

Maintenance Tracking Strategies

Led by Charles Mickley of 1Risk

A ski area has many moving pieces and parts, and the tools you use to track maintenance on equipment and infrastructure are an important factor for safe and effective practices. During this round-table, ski area and suppliers are invited to share techniques and tools for success, and what some of the challenges are in tracking.

Top 10 Workplace Issues that Keep NH Employers Awake at Night (And Tips on Sleeping Easier)

Led by Jim Reidy, Sheehan Phinney

In the last 25 years, the number and scope of workplace laws and regulations has expanded significantly, and so have the claims against employers. In this session, attorney Jim Reidy will address ten workplace issues that are prevalent today as they relate to labor law, and steps to help avoid those issues in the first place. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll learn during this informative seminar for human resources employees and hiring managers from all departments. 

Other subjects we're working on include risk management for events and competitions, a round-table discussion on community efforts surrounding employee housing, and planning for natural disasters. We will post details as soon as possible.